The Pantry

I have mentioned before that there really is not a lot of room on the Whitby 42. I know that sounds crazy but to those who have owned one, I think you might agree. We ran into Denis and Rosario from Counting Stars a week ago and this subject came up as well. I mean there is tons of “room” but not a lot of storage. I guess that would be a better description.

In an effort to help reclaim some of that room and turn it into actual storage, so began the process of building the pantry. On our last boat Kismet III, the starboard settee back was hinged and you had full access to the space behind. This was a great idea and one I promised to incorporate and improve with Akupara.

On another site that I have visited many times, I also came across the identical idea and decided for sure that we would do this, and so began the custom fitting of many odd shaped pieces.


IMG_1094As you can see, I still have more pieces to cut but we will get there. Each section will be approximately 10″ wide and 7″ tall. This will allow for either several cans or perhaps a few smaller Rubbermaid containers.

The admiral has always complained that there was not enough galley storage so this should help big time. And if she does not like it, I can always use it to store tools or spare parts 😉

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