The Costs

This page is out of date, obviously. I will update it soon. High level I can tell you that we are still under what we initially predicted for this project. Barely…Fingers crossed that we won’t be too much higher!

Every sailing blog we have ever looked at skirts around the issue of what things actually cost, and yet one of the first questions that most people who think about restoring a boat let alone sailing off into the sunset ask is, what does it cost?

We will try to maintain an accurate list of all expenditures in relation to the refit of Akupara itemized below, with a running total. If it becomes too depressing for us than we might have to put a stop to it but we are starting with good intentions. Our initial ball park guestimates are that we will end up in between $80000-$100000 by the time we are finished which includes the price we paid for Akupara. Now, we are accepting donations, so do not feel weird at all if you think you might like to write us a cheque for 100 grand. We will gratefully take it! 😉

As well, we will attempt to keep a journal of the man hours spent on the project. 1 person for 1 hour equals 1 man hour. So 2 people for 5 hours equals 10 man hours. – UPDATE – We have lost track of actual manhours completely. The easiest way now is just to count the months. We are just coming up to 5 years shortly.

SV Akupara Cost Sheet
  NOTE: Missing a lot of small purchases. Until I gather all of my receipts this will be slightly inaccurate. 
Updated: Aug 28th
$20,000.00 Akupara  
$500.00 Survey  
$2,400.00 Taxes  
$133.82 Lowes Frame for shrinkwrap
$296.49 Home Depot 2 work lights
$70.40 Lowes Shopvac
$700.00 Prodigy Marine Shrinkwrap
$125.65 Home Depot Paint and Brushes
$104.89 Fibertek Cloth, roller, acetone
$210.00 Chandlery West System Epoxy, hardener
$426.49 Lowes Oscillating Multi Tool, sander, sandpaper
$411.01 Windsor Plywood 3/4, 1/2 Marine ply, 1/8 teak ply
$260.95 Binnacle 5/8 x 300 Anchor Rode
$539.50 Binnacle 10 brass reading lamps
$53.95 Binnacle 1 brass chart light
$125.80 Binnacle 4 brass berth lights
$1,259.95 Binnacle Eletrical Panel
$65.08 Canadian Tire Silver Bubble wrap insulation
$34.69 Canadian Tire sandpaper
$195.65 Wolff Marine screws, washers, paint
$32.42 Walmart paint brushes
$124.32 Chandlery Spreader Lights
$62.18 Rona sawhorses, arborite
$326.55 Windsor Plywood marine plywood
$9.86 Wolff Marine screws, washers
$81.15 Wolff Marine screws, washers, paint
$115.50 Wolff Marine cetol, paint, screws
$475.93 Wolff Marine 2 heads, garden hose
$20.14 Walmart paint brushes
$144.21 Wolff Marine screws, vented loops
$23,800.00 Prodigy Marine sanding, fairing, priming, painting of hull
$17,500.00 Solé Diesel Mini 74 engine – NEED TO CHECK EXACT PRICE
$18,500.00 Prodigy Marine sanding, fairing, priming, painting of decks
$2666.84 Binnacle 3 Lewmar Ocean Hatches
$2500 Port Moody Marine 2 new fuel tanks – NEED TO CHECK EXACT PRICE

Upcoming charges/ Quotes –

$5100 – for all new standing rigging

To buy.

500′ anchor chain

2 waste tanks, hoses

Liferaft – $1900 + cradle

Stainless handrails for cabin tops

Galley Stove