Updated Costs Page and Nail Polish?

I finally got around to updating the costs page. I will try to keep it current from now on. We are starting to make a dent into that 80-100k budget. Hmmm need to start moving a little faster, the storage costs are ridiculous.

The Vancouver Boat Show is scheduled for January 20-24th. That is going to be an expensive trip for us as we are going to be shopping for the new engine plus installation, new mattresses and cushions and possibly a complete paintjob of the hull sides. I mean how can we have a beautiful new 1976 Whitby 42 with 40 year old gelcoat on the hull?

The Admiral wants something that looks like this kind of paint.

Nail Polish Coloured Paint?
Nail Polish Coloured Paint?

I am not too sure yet how I feel about using Nail Polish Brands to describe the colour of paint on our boat…


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