Ignorance is Bliss

I completely understand this sentiment!

Prodigy Marine started on the hull repairs and as exciting it is, it is also terrifying! As long as we have had Akupara I knew there were some bumps, I mean she is 40 years old, we all have bumps at 40, but it is only once you start investigating that you truly know what lies beneath!

So far by the look of the work that they have completed, I am not surprised. We knew about these spots and as bad as it looks, it is just fiberglass, and as long as I am not the one doing it, it is not even a big job yet. It is well over my comfort level, but nothing for the Pro’s!

The fear is in what lies beneath. What are we going to find as they continue investigating the area’s outlined in marker? I am praying to the gods of the sea and sailing that we do not encounter anything too bad! 

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