Next on the list…

So what’s next?

Where are we in the overall work list?

Are we ever going to launch?

Once we have the engine room sorted and the new tanks are in, Prodigy Marine will do the engine install. Somewhere between there and now, they will also sand the entire hull from waterline to caprail, prime and paint the hull. We will finish the sanding on deck, and either have Prodigy paint it at the same time, or do it ourselves.

There are a thousand little jobs still to complete inside Akupara like electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, heat, water tank replacement (or water tank bladders) chain locker doors, new companionway doors etc etc  but there is one other job I have been putting off as well.

The dreaded foredeck re-coring.

:insert dark them song music here:

Ok it isn’t dreaded at all, after everything else we have done, this will have it’s own challenges of course, but it is all on deck in the sun! I will not be hunched over like some kind of monster, contorted into strange positions all the while working with tools that can cut your arm off!
This one I am hoping will go fairly smoothly. I estimate a day to cut the top skin and clean out the wet core, a day to cut the new coring and piece it into place, a day to glass it all in, and a day to do the final finish sanding and fairing.
Ok so in boat terms, 4 days will probably be 2 weeks of swearing, but you need to stay positive! 🙂

Our plan is to launch this summer. We were hoping for July 1st. There is still a possibility of that date, but considering in January we thought another year at least, I think we have stepped it up pretty well even if we miss July 1st.
There is a saying that a job will always take as much time as you have. If you plan 6 months, it will go right up to the last hour. If you plan a year, same thing. If you don’t have a timeline, forget it, it will never be completed! We want Akupara launched this year!

Wish us well!


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