January 2019

My god it’s been awhile!

To be completely honest we lost interest in this project in the fall. I struggled a bit to persevere but then got involved with some redecorating at home and that was the end of that. It jas now been 4 years since we started this and 4.5 years since I last sailed a boat.

The yard messaged me last week to let me know they would be tarping the boat for primer. I was a little shocked as nothing had seemed to be happening for a very long time. It was almost like, hey dumbass, you have a boat here you know! So I took a quick trip down and snapped some pictures and of course handed over more money.

So like all good New Years resolutions, I will head back down to the yard today and see what has been happening. I need to glass in the engine drip pan so that they can get the engine install started.

I think we needed a good break from this project. Now let’s see if we can get back into it or if we should try to sell an incomplete project and try to break even.

Fingers crossed we can do this. I miss having a boat in the water and I miss sailing but it has been so long now I am not sure it is a strong enough driver anymore.

Fingers crossed!!

All Tarped in!
I hate how things always look worse before they look better. This is terrifying!
Swiss Cheese anyone?
Port side is really the worst, 40 years of banging against docks I’m sure!
Still a few more areas on the bow!
They reglassed the bow.
And reglassed that giant hole where the anchor smashed into the hull for 40 years.

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