The Long Road

This project has taken way longer than either of us had planned. To be honest there have been long stretches where we completely gave up and there have been many moments, especially in the last year, where I considered throwing in the towel completely and just walking away.

We actually started going camping just to get outdoors. To be away from the city and the crowds especially with Covid 19.

And then Prodigy Marine sends me a picture of the decks nearing completion and our hearts begin to race and our excitement returns full force.

We remember why we started this and we talk nonstop about all of the work we have left to do. Which in all honesty is peanuts compared to what we have come through!

We have not been able to set foot on or in Akupara as there was no way I wanted to be responsible for damaging the work Prodigy was doing and thereby increase the costs.

Maybe $45000 isn’t a lot for some people when it comes to paint, but it is huge as far as we are concerned. I can honestly say it is the most money we have ever spent on anything with the exception of vehicles.

Well, I hope that they finally complete the paint work once and for all so that we can get back to her and start finishing all the rest of the work. We need to get back in the water. It has been too long.

Too long of a road.

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