First Post of 2016

Where to start. Not much has happened on Akupara over the last little while with the holiday season going on but hopefully we can get back to being focused again. The galley has been on my mind as I really cannot start anything until we have a plan as to how it is going to be completed. What I mean by that is we want to have everything in the galley sealed in Tupperware containers for a couple of reasons. Firstly is just general organization, I hate not being able to find what I am looking for, and secondly, is with the eventual plan, having everything sealed is a good anti cockroach prevention approach. So to that end we made a trip to Walmart and bought a few items to get started.

Whitby 42 storageI think in total we purchased somewhere in the neighbourhood of 30 containers of different sizes and shapes. I am calling them “Tupperware” as I think that is the clearest description but they are a different brand. We purchased a bunch of smaller ones for the pantry which means that I can now complete that area as I know how big to make each individual shelf, and we purchased enough to line each side of the vberth and the aft cabin upper shelves. I am a huge advocate of dry socks and underwear, and by storing all of these items in nice organized containers, with a packet or two of desiccant inside, I can be assured of dry undies no matter what. At least that is the plan. And of course it will keep little critters from nesting in our clothes, hopefully. As for the galley itself, I think we have about 10-15, I do not really remember. The plan is to bring all of them down to Akupara, dry fit, and decide where we want the shelving, how we want it divided, and what makes the best use the available space, before we start building it in permanently.

We also went down to the local marine store and purchased a few needed fittings and hose for the watermaker, I have laminated the face of the new electrical panel area, and we took down all of the Christmas decorations, thank heavens. It is nice to have them up each year, but it is always nicer to put them away again, everything seems so organized without all of the clutter.

And as you have probably noticed, I have updated the theme on the website. The comments section was not previously working, hopefully it is now.


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