Boy Scout Beach – approx 46.099341, -82.022195

Well for those of you following along you may have noticed that I have been pretty quiet in updating this site. It all started with a planned R&R session in Mexico. The Admiral and I decided we needed to thaw out before winter set in, okay, to be honest she forced me to go away 😉 so off to Bucerias, Mexico we went. This is our 7th time visiting this area and we absolutely love it however in the last 5 years or so we have definitely noticed a trend of “progression” and it is starting to lose it’s appeal as a result. So we rented a Jeep, put the top down and drove up to the Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz to check out a possible future stopping place, continued on to Punta De Mita, Sayulita and Rincon De Guayabitos. Driving in Mexico is an interesting experience to say the least but we managed to survive and had a fantastic trip.

During our trip my father was in hospital for surgery so Wednesday and Thursday were spent very quietly at the pool. I was one of those guys who was on holidays and checking the cell phone every 3 minutes. I hate those guys, but I kind of feel like I had a reason that sets me apart. Perhaps I will not be so quick to judge next time.

To make a long story short, we returned from Mexico, spent a day doing laundry etc, and the next day I flew to Ontario, to be with my father, where I am now.

Over the last 10 years I have been back to see him 3 times. And now I will probably be here once a month if possible for the next while trying futily to make up for lost time.

The purpose of Akupara is to keep our family together and to continue to create those special memories for absolutely as long as possible and yet I know that sooner, rather than later, our family will go our separate ways as the kids grow up and move on. And then one day the Admiral and I will find ourselves wondering why we are all alone. And eventually our children will be in the same situation and wonder why they never made the most of all of the “extra” time. And so the cycle will will repeat itself over and over.

My father said to me today, I would much rather be at Boy Scout Beach than laying here in the hospital. He has said it many times before but today there was a different tone to it. A finality of sorts. I only had the privilege of bringing my girls there once, but I can remember being there as a child with him many times. I hope when the time comes, my girls will remember as well, and that they will understand, and that they will have their own Boy Scout Beach.

Cherish every second and stop letting “life” get in the way. Sometimes we learn these things too late.

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