Stain-Less steel, not Rust-less steel…

I firmly believe that there is a common misconception out there that stainless steel is a miracle material that will never stain, never rust, and never corrode.

After removing every screw, bolt, nut and washer from Akupara’s decks I can assure you that this is not true. Every single screw, bolt, nut and most washers was either rust stained, partially rusted, or completed corroded all the way through. We broke as many screws  as we managed to successfully remove, when trying to get them out.

Some of them we were able to remove after they broke, but some of them still need to be removed. Almost all of the corrosion starts approximately 1/16th of an inch below the deck. So it isn’t on any visible part, and if you could remove whatever fitting it is without removing the screw, you would not be able to see anything wrong. However, back the screw out 1/16th and the issues start to appear.

When we begin reinstalling things, we hope to avoid some of these issues with the way that we will countersink the deck and add  little rings of butyl tape around the bottom of each screw. When the time comes, we will document the process on the sight for everyone to see.

Take this as a warning to anyone who doesn’t re-bed their fittings on a regular basis, perhaps it is time to check all of that stuff?

No worries honey, it's stainless!
No worries honey, it’s stainless!

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